water recycling solutions


Tammermatic BioJet is an economical water recycling system, one which is compatible both with brush machines and brushless machines. Its operation is based on a biological purification method, which degrades the organic compounds that are contained in water. A multilayer filter removes both solid matter and biodegradable products from the water, and a hydrocyclone destroys also any remaining harmful particles. Finally the recycled water is guided via a disinfecting UV lamp into a recycling water tank. The Biojet system recycles 85 per cent of the water used in washes. Finally the vehicle is always rinsed with fresh water.

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Biological Purification Process


When using a biological purification method, the bacteria feeds on washing chemical residues that are contained in the water, and maintains a continuous biological process that degrades the organic compounds in the water. 

compatible with automatic car wash solutions

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