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The Tammermatic WashMan Series to clean dozers and other heavy duty equipment can easily reduce the cost of washing by over 80%. Washing dirty bulldozers and other heavy duty equipment usually takes anywhere from 2-8 hours and commonly uses fresh water. The WashMan design reduces that time to only 10-30 minutes and uses 100% recycled water available. Using recycled water solves the environmental discharge problem faced by most heavy equipment operators. 


The US Navy has established a requirement for washing all aircraft within a 300 mile radius of sea water or for aircraft flying below 3000’ over sea water. This is mandatory regardless of wash type whether it be manually done or through a fully automated rinse package. We can provide rinse packages to meet any specification or aircraft type and will design a site specific wash including drawings and equipment specifications. Tammermatic has designed and installed several custom wash packages for the US Military over the past 30+ years. During this time we have been able to work closely with the US Army Corp of Engineers and NAVAC to design wash packages.

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Military Tanks & Artillery

Tammermatic has designed and/or installed several manual and automatic military systems worldwide for customers in the US Military, NATO, Singapore Military, and Gulf region. Tammermatic was commissioned by the US Military after the September 11th terrorist attack to develop a Rapid Development Wash Facility (RED WOLF) system which could be used for a multitude of military and Homeland Security wash and decontamination applications.

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Military Fleet

The United States Army operates the largest, most sophisticated wash installation ever designed and installed, and only one company could provide it Tammermatic.  We provide engineered equipment site specific drawing packages with each project. With over 1000 heavy duty wash systems installed we likely have come across any wash application you have in mind. 


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