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Reducing risk for police officers is at the forefront of everything we do. We start with partnering with developed innovative, patented technologies found in light bars, exterior and interior warning lights, siren & speakers and directional lighting. Pair one these products with our push-bumpers, our law enforcement graphic vinyls, and you will have a driving force for a safe and secure police car solution.

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Emergency Light Bars, Sirens, and Accessories

Our line of police car LED light bars are equipped with exclusive technologies to provide officers with a safe and reliable emergency warning solution. For additional warning around the perimeter of the police car, exterior LED warning lights can be installed anywhere from side mirrors, bumpers, license plates, corner LEDs, rear hatch, and more.

Combine with a light bar, our emergency vehicle sirens and speakers grab the attention of drivers to clear the path for the police car to safely arrive at the scene.

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Law Enforcement Graphic Vinyls

We have the expertise in design, materials and graphic installation to provide you with the highest quality product for your police fleet. 

We only use certified products to ensure the highest quality emergency vehicle decals and our certified installers are experts in police car graphic installation. 

Push Bars

Police Push Bumpers are engineered to protect the police car's grille and the officer from impact.  The push bumper is made of heavy-duty 4-gauge steel uprights, with 2-3/4-inch wide rubber strips and a lower tube, to provide extra protection and strength.

Uprights are pre-drilled for the addition of PIT Bars, and the extra wide 4-5/8-inch pre-drilled center cross-plate offers options for the top-mounting of LED lights or speakers.


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