Federal Signal is the world leader in innovative equipment, signaling products and communication and security systems that keep workers, first responders and our communities safe and secure. Our global reach and commitment to safety and security is what drives our innovative spirit. The experience of our product design teams, engineers, customer, and technical support staff makes us a trusted partner around the world.

Reducing risk for police officers is at the forefront of everything we do. We start with developing innovative, patented technologies found in our light bars, exterior and interior warning lights, siren & speakers and directional lighting.

Safety is the driving force behind everything we do. Our industry standard products, like the Federal Signal Q-Siren®, have set a high bar that we continually strive to exceed with innovative technologies that better protect Fire and EMS personnel, and the public.

Your number one priority on the job is safety. Seeing and being seen requires lightbars, beacons, directional and perimeter warning lights and other lighting systems that are powerful, innovative and reliable. and accessories will keep your workers and fleet safe on the road and the scene.


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