T 700 Series

The Tammermatic T 700 car wash series establishes new standards in the car wash business. The best washing results in the market, the most versatile properties, the speed and a new age control interface, as well as remotely controlled programmes and a chemical feed provide the opportunity to upgrade the wash business to a completely new level!

T 700 PRO

The fully equipped T 700 PRO machine washes vehicles quickly and efficiently. The versatile wash programmes include both brush washes, and combination and polish washes.

T 700 JET

The completely brushless T 700 JET washes the car until it is clean and shiny by moving around high-pressure jets that reach even the most challenging nooks and crannies on the vehicle.

T 700 LUX

The T 700 LUX combines all of the various features of a brushless wash and a brush wash, allowing the car to be washed in its every smallest detail.

VIEW MORE Fully Automatic Form Sensors
Fully Automatic form Sensors

The T 700 measures the side profile of the car and controls the  roof brush and the roof nozzle so that they are moved around all of the  obstacles. Now the same programme is also suitable for the safe washing  of ski boxes and pick-ups. Selecting the wrong programme is no longer  possible.

VIEW MORE Oscillating High-Pressure Water Jets
Oscillating High-Pressure Water Jets

Oscillating, rotating high-pressure water jets clean efficiently  even those surfaces that are beyond the reach of brushes. Solid stream  0-degree nozzles help to maintain the water pressure steady also for the  farthest surfaces. The roof nozzle moves across the car,  following its shape, while high-pressure water jets clean thoroughly  both the horizontal and vertical surfaces from bumper to bumper.

VIEW MORE Tyre Shine
Tyre Shine

The Tyre Shine feature gives a sheen to the tyre. This extra option  improves customer satisfaction and also allows the average price of  washes to be increased, which again improves profitability for the wash  business.


Tammermatic BioJet is an economical water recycling system, one which is compatible both with brush machines and brushless machines.


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